Prom Makeup Look Book: Volume 2

When choosing Prom makeup you need to think about bringing attention to the face, so you are not lost in the dress. It is important to balance the right makeup with the perfect accessories to get perfect finished look. You wouldn’t want a Pink dress with Silver earrings and Gold Eye Makeup. It just wouldn’t work. When in doubt chose black! Silver and Orange are the hardest colors to match and blend, without clashing. So when going for a Silver eye or shades of Orange, make sure you think about your color choices and what you are planning to wear…head to toe!

The wild Peacock: A look that works for Light and Dark skin tones. If you have Yellow undertones (like myself) you may want to opt for Pink instead of Blue. It blends well into the Purple and would create sort of a shimmer when blended towards the Green. It is important to draw a liquid line with this look, to cover the false eyelash line and also to add a dramatic effect and make sure the color will not drown out your eyelashes. Line your waterline with a liner matching one of the shades you chose and add a Multicolor Glitter to the bottom of your lower lashes or wet your Eyeliner Brush and mix all the colors you used and dab it on. Finish with a streak of Light Pearl eyeshadow if you do not have Glitter or a Shiny liner.

White Hot eyes pair well with Pink lips. You want to make sure you use Primer on your lids before you apply a White Eyeshadow. I love Urban Decay Eye Primer. White tends to flake easiest. To get this look you will need a good Blending Brush. MAC makes a great Blending Brush. I love the E.L.F. Blending Brush as far as a low cost brush and I also suggest hitting up a Craft Store for a great brush. Other Artists might scream at me for saying that, but I feel they are the same kinds of brushes. To get this I suggest starting with the Darker color on the outside corner and work your way in with the shading. This way it blends and makes an awesome Silver color on its own. No Silver Eyeshadow needed!



A Burned Sable with Black Blended in brings instant Glamor to your look. Go with a light Lip Gloss when wearing this look. Anything else would look overdone. Use a business card or clothing price tag as your guideline. You would hate it if you blend after doing your concealer and end up looking like you have a black eye! The other trick to getting this look perfected is to dust Powder under you eyes and on your cheekbones in case your Eye Color falls on your cheeks. Just brush it away. When you are done put a little bit of concealer on your finger to highlight under your brow. If you look, you can see that there is concealer highlighting, not a powder. This also works if you missed a spot tweezing!



Check back soon for more updates! We are now running great Prom/Bridal Specials, so contact us if you need to get Glam!